We believe that one of the best and fastest way to learn a language is to go where the language is spoken; this is known as an Immersion Program. It means that you will be immersed in the language and the culture 24 hours a day. The advantages are priceless. Along with the program we highly recommend a “Homestay” Program.


We offer students a unique opportunity to live with a host family while attending Spanish school. This gives you a great chance of having a local “guide” to every day life in Mexico and to experience the warmth of Mexico’s people and their culture in a way no class or tour can match. Living with a Mexican family can be an exceptional experience, and for ¡Vive México!, it is an important part of its language programs. It offers you an opportunity to practice your new language skills daily-and we highly recommend it. Sharing your time and meals with your family is one of the best opportunities you will have to practice your Spanish and learn more about Mexican culture and values. Your family may help you with the homework and with the improvement of your conversation fluency. Students are always placed in comfortable, honest and warm home environment which is consistent with their individual needs and interests. In cooperation with the Mexican schools, we have carefully selected homestay families who are responsible for seeing that each student will be welcomed as another family member. We look for families who wish to provide more than just room and board-families that are interested in your well-being and appreciate the opportunity for a real cultural exchange. We take this responsibility seriously: all our families are pre-screened and we also provide them with continuous feedback from student evaluations. Moreover, if, for any reason, you are not happy with your family placement, we will make every effort to find one to your liking.

Beyond its obvious benefits to you in practicing your newly acquired Spanish in a real-life situation, the homestay program is also the most economical housing option. Each of our families offers a shared room and bath. You can also get a private room for a small additional fee. The homestay option also includes three delicious meals a day (special dietary requirement such as vegetarian meals may often be accommodated), daily transportation to and from the school, and airport or bus station pickup when you arrive. Personal laundry service may also be included.

* Provides a warm home environment
* Eases the transition into a new country and culture
* Allows students to practice speaking Spanish
* Helps students to learn about the Mexican culture
* Host families serve as a support system
* Host families can be a source of information about the city, local activities, etc.
* A less expensive lodging option

The most innovative and efficient method for learning the Spanish language and a rewarding experience in cultural immersion. ¡Vive México! offers these Immersion Study programs in México:s

    City of Eternal Spring, 1 1/2 hour south of Mexico City)
    Declared “Cultural Heritage of Mankind” by UNESCO, 3 hours north of Mexico City).