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Fun Spanish Classes Description

These are the classes that we will be offering in the fall.. We are on summer break now. Classes will start two weeks after Labor Day.  A calendar with days, times and locations will be posted mid August. Please email us with your questions, concerns, suggestions and to receive the Class calendar for the fall.

¡Nos vemos en septiembre!


Introduction to Spanish

This course is designed for the true beginners who, for the first time, will be introduced to Spanish and would like to learn, understand and speak basic “every day” Spanish in a stress free environment. It develops the basic language skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and vocabulary acquisition.


Introduction to Spanish I

A continuation of Intro for those students who have already been introduced to the structure and usage of nouns, verbs, simple sentences and the verb “estar”. Students will gain confidence in their ability to learn a second language; will be prepared for further Spanish language instruction by gaining sufficient vocabulary to form simple sentences.


Introduction to Spanish II

Intro II is a continuation for those students who have already learned the daily greetings, basic words and the verb “estar”.  We will continue with the verb “Ser” and introduce the present tense. Practice will facilitate daily life situations while focusing on acquiring a basic knowledge of communication.


Beginners I

Designed for students with a little more experience and background in simple Spanish.  Practice what you have learned in previous courses and expand your vocabulary, grammar and ability to communicate, as well as accent reduction. Previous knowledge: basic vocabulary, Ser/Estar, present tense of regular verbs.


Beginners II

A continuation course for the more advanced beginner. Continue learning in a stress-free environment vocabulary building, grammar, speech techniques, reading and writing.  Introduction to irregular verbs, reflexives in the present tense, and lots of conversation. Develop the ability to maintain a simple conversation in familiar environments and daily situations.


Beginners III

Let’s keep advancing on the road to improving the necessary skills to speak, listen, write and think in Spanish while introducing the past tenses, advanced grammar and practical vocabulary in the context of the Mexican culture and literature. Work on expressing your ideas in the present and past.


Basic Conversation

This course is for Low and Intermediate Beginner student who only wants to focus on conversational Spanish, almost no grammar, but lots of vocabulary, audio, video, flash cards and games. Emphasis will be on pronunciation, basic conversational phrases and losing your shyness. Come join us!



Ready for something more challenging?  This course is on emphasis in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, through the studying of the preterite, imperfect, future, and passive tenses, as well as thematical vocabulary and situations. We will read basic authentic texts and produce language both orally and in writing. Knowledge and previous classes in Spanish required.


Advanced Intermediate

This level is a continuation of Intermediate with emphasis in conversation and writing, strengthened and expanded by more complex verb forms, vocabulary and grammar.  In addition, students will develop an oral proficiency and a solid foundation of the language and culture.


Conversación Práctica

Esta clase es para aquellos quienes ya saben y quieren practicar español. Mejoraremos la pronunciación, redacción y formas de expresión. Hablaremos de temas actuales, participaremos en actividades y juegos divertidos y creativos. Poca gramática, mucha conversación y cultura mexicana. ¡Disfruta y vive el español!


Cine Club

El Cine Club es un grupo de amigos y estudiantes que se reúnen para analizar y hablar sobre una película. La película siempre será en español y a veces tendrá subtítulos. El propósito del Cine Club es promover la cultura, tradición y arte hispano, así como practicar el español de una forma diferente; por lo tanto, se han seleccionado una variedad de películas con diferentes temas. Algunas son películas viejas y otras son con temas más actuales. Cada estudiante verá la película en casa y en clase, analizaremos y hablaremos sobre el tema, los personajes, la época, tradiciones, etc.


Análisis de Textos – gramática – Nivel avanzado

En cada clase se analizará un texto en forma gramatical y será el tema de conversación.  Para aquellos interesados en practicar el español hablado y escrito.


Club del Libro

Una vez más ofreceremos el Club del Libro. Leeremos todos el mismo libro y en cada clase analizaremos el contexto, los personajes, modismos y expresaremos nuestras opiniones sobre el tema del libro. Excelente práctica para la lectura, comprensión y conversación.


“Learning a second language slows ‘brain aging’” BBC News

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