Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Vive-Mexico Blog

Sometimes we read books that leave us pleasant memories, a good aftertaste or a certain inspiration that is difficult to describe. They are stories that resonate with us in one way or another; stories that make us relive certain memories, feel special emotions or simply leave us with a smile that it lasts for a long time. This happened to me when I finished reading the story of the Spanish author Jordi Sierra i Sabra, Kafka and the Traveling Doll.

A novel, in which the author beautifully blends well reality with fantasy, and was originally written for children and teenagers based on real events that occurred in the life of Franz Kafka.

Kafka and the Traveling Doll combines the real life of Czech writer born in Prague, one of the most important original writers of the 20th century, with the masterful imagination of the Catalan writer Sierra i Fabra.

I invite you to read this short story; I know that you’re going to enjoy it. It is easy to read, it is short and truly beautiful. Read it in Spanish, you can learn many new words. Try it!  You can find it online in PDF format, you can buy the book at Amazon or you can also find it in your local library.

And here is a little secret: you can find it in English too!

I hope you enjoy it.